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Singing Lessons

Whitney, Taylor, Ed, Freddie and You! We'll help you find your inner star and equip you with the tools you need to develop healthy vocal production and showcase your unique sound! Let's play with different genres as you learn how to control your voice, support that sound, master your breathing, develop your musicality and sing with ease! Whether your goal is to record an album, perform at a live mic, star in a musical, or to sing at the next family function, our encouraging teachers will help you develop the confidence you need to feel in control of your voice so you can focus on sharing your craft with the world. Are you a songwriter? Awesome! Working professionally and need a check in? Sounds great! Exploring your voice for the first time? So exciting! We focus on YOU, and tailor your lessons to your specific needs and goals. Most of all, we'll have fun! As Ella said, the only thing better than singing is more singing!


Performance coaching

Have an audition or performance coming up?  Let's work on connecting to those lyrics, managing those nerves, developing your stage persona and working with a PA system. Want to delve into some plays or read some poetry? We'd love to show you how to understand text and deliver those lines like a pro. Have a great idea for a show for Fringe? We can help you craft your idea and performance aesthetic, so you sell-out in a second! Want to start performing professionally or need some help getting more gigs? With years of professional performance experience, we have the know-how to help lead you to your big break. The world is a stage, after all.

Joy of Music- for children aged 8 and under

Kids running around the house singing the latest Katy Perry song? They're never too young to start training! Our unique program offers an opportunity for young children to develop their musicality in a fun and diverse setting, as we combine singing, piano and performance in our holistic approach to children's music lessons. Lessons can be taken individually or in small groups of friends as we encourage children to find an early love of music and performing arts. Classes are pressure free, with an emphasis on developing an appreciation of music and most of all, fun!


Piano Lessons

Suitable for beginner students through to intermediate level, we'll show you around the piano, teach your the proper techniques and teach you how to read music like a pro. We try to encourage all our singers to learn another instrument, as this helps develop pitch accuracy, aural awareness and of course an overall sense of musicality. Learn to accompany yourself so you can be self sufficient and perform on your own, or nail that riff in A thousand miles (admit it, that song is still catchy!). Kids are encouraged to learn piano alongside the voice, as this encourages quicker development and helps them understand how music looks on a pitched instrument. We are happy to combine both instruments into a longer lesson (min 45mins) when desired.

Music Theory

Want to take your musical understanding to the next level? Let us teach you how to read music! It's really fun!

Music Sheets

Exam & Audition Preparation

At KEJ Voice Studio, we love having a goal to work towards and encourage those students who wish to sit formal exams. We currently offer coaching for AMEB and Trinity College exams, both of which offer a variety of musical styles to choose from and can also help those Senior students who are studying for their SACE exams. If you dream of gaining entry into tertiary institutes or need to prepare for a big audition, we can help you focus on your goals and equip you with the tools to feel confident to be your best. We can't wait to see where you end up!

Promotional Packages and Live Sound Training

For professional performers and those wishing to be, a good promotional package is essential for booking work and getting noticed. We can create vocal showreels with video and audio files made to show off your talent. Our experienced teachers can train you to set up your own PA equipment for live gigs, advise you on the best way to talk to professional entertainers and engineers and even teach you to how to use home recording equipment so you can take your songs from page to recording.


Workshops and Masterclasses

Are you a school or community group looking for a fun workshop for your students or patrons? We have some fantastic masterclasses on offer that we'd love to share with you. Send us an enquiry to find out more.

Group Performance Classes

Vocal groups, themed workshops and fully staged productions! We are so excited for the future of KEJ and have some fantastic projects in the works for kids, teens and adults! Send us an enquiry to show your interest in being involved. We can't wait to have you on board!
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