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I had the pleasure of having Katie as my vocal teacher whilst completing my music degree. Katie provided excellent guidance for correct vocal technique as well as suggestions for expanding my repertoire both for style and technical performance. I found Katie’s guidance to be easy to understand, kind and helpful. She has an innate ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable whilst sharing such an intimate part of who you are, your voice! From helping you understand the complexities of vocal anatomy to reminding you to relax your shoulders and breathe, Katie is able to meet you where you are at and guide you toward your goals in singing. Katie’s lessons provided me with confidence, technique and a desire to continue to learn and grow in my instrument!


Jenny (Songwriter, Professional Vocalist, BMus AIM)

I first met Katie in 2010. At that time, she was a very impressive high achieving contemporary vocal student at AIM. Katie’s vocal technique, understanding of physiology and how to get the best out of her voice meant she never failed deliver a superb performance. Her collaboration skills combined with her leadership, work ethic and bright energetic attitude made her one of the most popular students of her cohort. As a direct result of these attributes, upon completion of her Bachelor Degree, Katie was immediately invited to become a member of the AIM teaching faculty. She can cover a broad range of stylistic content from Pop to Jazz, Soul, Funk, RnB, Folk, Country, Cabaret and Music Theatre - all of these genres with absolute aplomb making her a highly desired vocal teacher. She would be the most wonderful asset to any organisation and I have zero hesitation in endorsing her one hundred percent.

Greg Coffin (Deputy Head of Learning & Teaching, AIM)

Katie was my daughter’s singing teacher for just a little over a year and I have nothing but praise for her!  She has taught my daughter not only the techniques to improve her voice and singing ability but also the love of music. Katie is so good with kids. I have seen her work her magic with a couple of my daughter’s friends (We mums were very impressed). Aside from her amazing, amazing voice, she has a contagious energy and is always so cheerful! I would definitely recommend her! 

Angela (Parent)

Katie is a fantastic vocal coach. She has helped me get out of my comfort zone and face battles with my singing that I wouldn't have been able to do without her. She never gives up on your goals and is a nice person all round. She'd make an excellent vocal coach for people of any age and experience.


Dacothey (BMus Student, AIM)

Katie was a bright, encouraging and talented teacher who helped me every step of the way. She was supportive in every decision through the HSC and made me feel at ease when deciding on my HSC performance songs. I would highly recommend Katie for any work opportunities as she is easy to work along side and she is a warm personality. Katie is undeniably talented and loves to share her musical knowledge with anyone willing to listen.

Kiara (Professional Vocalist for P&O Cruises, AIM High School)

Katie has been amazing with helping me overcome issues with nerves and become more mindful of the pitch and tone quality of my voice. The best thing about having her, though, was how well she engages on a personal level. She makes you feel like she has a genuine interest in helping you improve, which is refreshing and makes for a beautiful learning experience.

Arisha (Professional Vocalist, BMus, AIM)

Katie's a great vocal teacher! She's taught me to step out of my comfort zone as a performer and taught me to embrace The fears that come with it! Working with her has really helped me step out of my shell and put 100% of my heart into singing.


Alisha (Professional Vocalist, BMus-AIM)

Having Katie as a singing teacher was a lovely and fulfilling experience in every way. She helped and guided me in developing my voice further then I thought I could go. I not only gained more knowledge and confidence in my musical abilities but also gained a friend with her friendly personality which made every lesson fun.

Kate (AIM  High School)

"I first came to Katie with absolutely zero singing experience, and a dream of singing one of the most complex musicals possible. With her deep expertise, a fun attitude, and plenty of encouragement, Katie has helped me turn this distant dream into an achievable goal. Not only does Katie's approach to teaching make the lessons one of the most enjoyable parts of my week, but I surprise even myself with the progress that she helps me make."


Ben (KEJ Voice student)

Having Katie as my vocal coach for the past two years at the Australian Institute of Music has been an honour. From the creativity of Katie’s vocal techniques, exercises, drills and workshops, to her advanced comprehension of music theory and detailed knowledge of vocal anatomy + and vocal health, there is not one area we have not covered. Katie's drive and passion toward music teaching has inspired me to want to reach my highest potential as an artist. The comfort and individuality of her students and their genre, style and ability is always a priority. Katie is a warm, nurturing, supportive and caring coach who will always push her students to reach their highest potential! The definition of professionalism and a perfectionist at her craft, I recommend Katie to everyone and anyone looking to grow as a vocalist.

Annieka (BMus Student, AIM)

We are so glad that we chose Katie as the singer teacher for our 12 year old! Chloe immediately felt at ease and comfortable, as Katie is kind, warm and supportive.

Her understanding of the voice and of music is incredible, and her ability to tailor lessons to the needs of the individual meant that Chloe felt encouraged to practice and excited to attend her classes. We couldn't recommend Katie any more highly!

Louise (Parent)

Throughout the two years I attended AIM high, Katie was a huge influence on my developing vocal skills and repertoire, Katie helped me to achieve my absolute best during preliminary and HSC performances. Thanks to Katie’s amazing guidance and persistence even in times when I wanted to give up, I achieved a Band 6 in music. Whether it was in vocal ensemble, private lessons, performances or assessments, in the end we all just wanted to make Katie proud because she was not only an amazing singing teacher and idol but also an incredible friend who we knew always had our best interests at heart!

Francesca (AIM High School)

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